Boating Done Right

When it comes to boating and sailing, there’s a lot to offer from this tried and true, time honored pastime. While it was once reserved for the wealthy elite, and it remains a necessity for a number of applications, recreational sea faring is one of man’s great passions, and for good reason. There is just something so romantic about the ocean, in every sense of the word. Water gives us life, we ARE water. The glistening surface of the sea beneath the sun and moon is a beauty to behold. The gently lulling waves, or the turbulently crashing waves, elicit a strong emotional response in us all, and the former can be quite soothing as well. That’s not to even mention fishing and swimming, two activities that go well with, and are enabled by, boating. However, you’ll want to be prepared when you step onto your boat for your own private adventure. Here are some boating preparation tips.

First and foremost, you’ll need to dress for the occasion. This means, short of owning and piloting a yacht in particular, you’re going to want to avoid the finer clothing you may be used to, such as that on offer from Charles Tyrwhitt. Instead, you’re going to want something that fits, first and foremost, the temperature. Of course, you might say, but what I mean is that bodies of water are much colder than the air and ground on a given day, so prepare accordingly. This means swimming clothes are fine in warmer weather, such as Summer, but you’ll want a wetsuit in colder weather, and you’ll want some warm clothing over it to stay warm and dry.

Another thing to keep in mind while boating is plain old vigilance. A lot of the physical act of piloting a boat is sitting. You’ll occasionally need to steer, of course, and there is some navigation, but mostly you’ll be on auto pilot (pun intended), so it’s important to be aware and ready to act when the need arises. Short of rowing a smaller craft, such as a canoe, your time is best spent admiring the scenery, but you’ll want to always keep some awareness of where you are and what to look out for in a given setting. Most modern boats have gizmos and gadgets to aid you in safely piloting your craft, but it still falls on you to react accordingly to the beeps and bloops that will alert you to potential dangers.